Advocating Value and Innovation in Health Care and Benefits

PBGH provides a voice for business on the critical cost and quality issues impacting employers and employees. Through health care market analyses, public hearing testimonies, editorial opinions, public forums and alignment with community leaders, PBGH brings to bear the collective voice of business on the future of health care and benefits.

Patient Help

PBGH helps standardize guidelines for patient help so that employers, healthcare buyers, and community members can safely react to their health needs. Learn More>>

Overcoming Issues

Throughout our events and symposiums, we highlight the importance of employers learning how to address health care and benefits issues.  Learn More>>

Issue Reporting

PBGH helps members better understand issue reporting for their healthcare needs. Learn More>>

Getting Involved

The educational information we provide throughout our website and directly to our members discusses the importance of getting involved to ensure effective health planning and resource allocation. Learn More>>