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3 Ways to Save Critical Dollars Without Sacrificing Performance, Productivity, or Employee Benefits

COVID-19 has produced a momentous change in the global health and business landscape, including skyrocketing unemployment and healthcare challenges that may significantly affect your company and your employees. With costs climbing and revenues decreasing, we understand that many of you are looking to find smart ways to reduce operating expenses wherever possible. It is our mission to keep you informed about COVID-19 and to help you find relief from the economic impacts of this crisis.

The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health is encouraging our members to consider several measures that can deliver tangible operating expense savings. We have asked our data analytics partner, Innovu, to identify these areas.

If you are currently leveraging Innovu’s capabilities, you can address these areas immediately. If not, you can leverage our relationship with Innovu to engage them and begin cutting waste from your healthcare costs.

Please join us for a Virtual Town Hall Meeting on June 4th at 8:30 AM-9:30 AM to discuss fiduciary responsibility in a Post-COVID-19 environment.


Hugh O’Toole

Kevin O’Brien
SVP Distribution

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