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Group Purchasing and Consultations

Rx Solutions

PBGH’s Rx Solutions, designed by employers for employers, offers members an innovative solution for managing this component of the health care benefit plan.

Medical Benefits Program

The program provides regional and national provider networks, enhanced reporting, and performance guarantees for core and value-added services.

Voluntary Benefits

A trusted, independent healthcare solution offers expert medical consultation service to help improve the quality and cost of health care by providing employees with access to some of the nation’s most advanced medical expertise.

We serve and provide value for
the benefit of our members

Consultation Services


We are thrilled to present the recently published Creating a Corporate Health Strategy: The American Health Strategy Project Early Adopter Experience.


We help drive the vision of our members by combining publicly available information and trends with transformations in healthcare services.


PBGH assists employers in understanding trends in big data and how to react to news and information supplied by associates.


PBGH provides meaningful benchmark data, including regional and national comparisons, so members can see how they measure up against their peers.

Regional Data

PBGH and Innovu partnered to create PBGH Community Lens to benchmark employee benefits data across Western PA.

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