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Cigna Group Insurance Products

Listening and working on behalf of PBGH employer member PBGH carefully vetted options for Term Life and AD&D to offer members great products at affordable rates using our collective numbers to support companies regardless of size.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance can help customers provide their families with financial protection by selecting life plans that will provide financial resources to help them to carry on. Group Universal Life (GUL) Insurance can help employees plan for their future by combining the protection of life insurance with the option to build additional savings through a Cash Accumulation Fund (CAF).*


Cigna offers proactive preventative vocational services for employees who are at an increased risk of disability to help them stay healthy and on the job. If a covered disability occurs, we provide covered employees with a portion of their salary*, while providing specialized return-to-work resources so they can return to work and health as quickly and safely as possible.

Value-added Services*

Programs included may vary based on the product. Online tools for employees and spouses to create state-specific legal documents for wills and powers of attorney, and valuable resources for estate and funeral planning.

Cigna Identity Theft: Identity theft prevention and resolution services, including personal assistance and guidance, education and tools to help prevent identity theft in the future.

Cigna Healthy Rewards®: Discounts for employees and family members on health and wellness products and services such as smoking cessation, weight management and nutrition programs, vision and hearing care, fitness centers, chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture.

My Secure Advantage™: Customers on approved disability and their household members have access to expert “money coaching” for all types of financial planning and challenges.

Cignassurance®: Free, interest-bearing account for beneficiary payments of $5,000 or more, and support from expert resources in financial, legal and bereavement counseling services.

Cigna Secure Travel®: A comprehensive worldwide travel assistance program including pre-trip planning, assistance while traveling and emergency medical transportation benefits.

Cigna Life Assistance Program: Work/life support, referrals to counseling and community services for employees’ and household members’ life challenges.

Cigna Health Advocacy Services: Personalized assistance to help employees and family members (including parents and parents-in-law) navigate a wide range of health care and health insurance challenges.

PBGH has brought together its purchasing power, over 100 years’ experience in these niche coverages, and an A-rated specialty accident carrier to provide service and expertise that is exclusive to Employer members. Whether you currently have coverages in place and could use a second look, or are shopping for these coverages, your PBGH membership will provide you access to these products and services.

For more information on this opportunity contact Diane McClune at or 724-775-1613.

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