Health is Wealth

Helping the community be healthy

Wellness Programs

Supporting health and wellness, PBGH provides its members a variety of resources ranging from healthy competition programs to employee engagement strategies. Ready to implement with personalized support, PBGH members take advantage of the opportunities to supplement their health and wellness promotional efforts.

Adult Vaccinations

By acting on a few of these steps you can actively support your employees in staying well and preventing disease. Learn more

Patient Advocacy

AbbVie Patient Advocates are available through the various resource as disease and patient experts. Learn more

Strategies For Chronic Care

A preferred, discounted fee arrangement to assess the administrative effectiveness and accuracy of processed and paid medical claims and/or to assure the accuracy of dependent eligibility and to identify individuals no longer covered where claims may have been processed and paid. Learn more

Health Promotion Project

Leveraging the relationship PBGH has with the University of Pittsburgh, PBGH Employers are able to identify a specific health need and with the support of master’s level interns design a program to support the unique needs of their populations. Learn more