The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health (PBGH) is an employer-led, non-profit, coalition of large, mid-size and small employers representing various business segments, including private and public employers, government and academia.

Together, we represent more than 100 organizations, covering 2.2 million+ lives, and commanding more than $5 billion in health care costs through its member organizations.

Who We Are

The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, an employer-led non-profit

Staff and Board

PBGH is staffed by a diverse group that helps manage our members, events, and services.

Annual Report

See our 2016 Annual Report here!

News and Publications

Stay tuned for constant updates on our publications, events, and symposiums

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our services, events, or membership.

What We Offer

Employers, health care buyers and community members all benefit from our valuable services and education that improves how health care is purchased and delivered.

Our History

In the early 80s, the Pittsburgh business community believed that by working together, they could make a positive impact and drive change in the costs and delivery of health care. Nearly two-dozen companies from across the region formed the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health to address issues facing large and midsize employers in the Pittsburgh region.

While there has been progress in the quality and delivery of health care, rising health care costs continue to challenge most employers. Having influenced changes over the years, PBGH will continue to pursue its mission to promote education, collaboration, and innovation among members, and in the community, to drive and deliver value and quality in health care and benefits.

  • Jessica Brooks
    Jessica Brooks

    CEO/Executive Director

  • Diane McClune

    Vice President

  • Christina Bell

    Director of Programs

  • Laura Wicker
    Laura Wicker


Our Mission

PBGH is an employer-led coalition that champions outcomes-based, cost-effective healthcare.


The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health is headquartered just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

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