A Mindful Approach to Transforming Racism and Racial Bias

As evidenced by the continued tragic police shootings of unarmed Black people and the disparate COVID outcomes for Black and Latinx people in the US, systemic racism is alive and well in the United States, and the Healthcare industry is not immune. In fact, its history, steeped in racism, continues to be seen and felt … Continued

2021 Healthcare Money Matters Webinar Series

Conducted in a Ted Talk format, this fast-paced Healthcare Money Matters Webinar series will review five key strategies employers can implement to achieve up to 30% in cost savings. The strategies shared will aim to provide immediate savings for employers within six months of implementation and guaranteed ROI around prescription drug, medical and waste. Stop … Continued

Get Tough on Diabetes: Living Better – Saving Money

The struggle your company faces with employees living with diabetes is real: 34.2M people have diabetes and 88M adults have prediabetes. And, those with uncontrolled conditions cost more. Employers paying for an employee’s diabetes supplies are getting no visibility into testing patterns, member readings or medication adherence. With CCS Medical’s LivingConnected program, your employees living … Continued

Thinking Beyond Wellness: Approaching Obesity as A Disease in the Workplace

Imagine a chronic, relapsing, and progressive disease that affects over 42% of the US adult population and continues to grow in prevalence. It acts as a driver of a multitude of other serious health conditions. It has been linked to $147 billion dollars in annual medical costs in the US alone.  Despite this, delivery of … Continued