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The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health (PBGH) is an employer-led, non-profit, coalition of large, mid-size and small employers representing various business segments, including private and public employers, government and academia.

Together, we represent more than 100 organizations, covering 2.2 million+ lives, and commanding more than $5 billion in health care costs through its member organizations.


The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health is the source for human resources, benefits and chief financial officers regarding the trends impacting the shifting dynamics associated with the health care market.

Professionals from across the business spectrum depend on PBGH for professional development via online certificate opportunities, webinars, member-to-member surveys, and nationally recognized forums and annual symposium.

PBGH’s online certificate program, one of the only in the country, aims to improve the level of education and development of HR, benefits, c-suite executives, consultants, and others regarding key health care topics, resources, and challenges.

In particular, the online education program helps professionals with a comprehensive value-based purchasing learning module, which is designed to help them advance their organization’s health care goals.

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The Pittsburgh Business Group on Health Online Academy aims to improve the level of education and development of professionals (i.e. HR, Benefits, C-Suite Executives, Consultants, Coalition staff, etc.) regarding key health care topics, resources, and challenges. The Academy helps identify competent thought leaders and provides them with a valuable education that they can use to advance their organization’s healthcare goals.

Our Mission

We are the trusted advocates for employers ushering in a new era in health care.

PBGH Symposium 2017


Offering key signature events to support networking and educational opportunities where recognized local, regional, and national leaders share insights, experience, and proven results on critical health care and benefits issues to the PBGH members.

Keynote topics include: The Health of Employees Is the Foundation of Your Business, Building a Better Health Care Consumer, and more!

Our History

In the early 80s, the Pittsburgh business community believed that by working together, they could make a positive impact and drive change in the costs and delivery of health care. Nearly two-dozen companies from across the region formed the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health to address issues facing large and midsize employers in the Pittsburgh region.

While there has been progress in the quality and delivery of health care, rising health care costs continue to challenge most employers. Having influenced changes over the years, PBGH will continue to pursue its mission to promote education, collaboration, and innovation among members, and in the community, to drive and deliver value and quality in health care and benefits.

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