2024 Theme: People You Trust

Every year we pick a theme that helps us focus on impactful areas. Prioritizing one’s health is paramount.  Our 2024 theme, “People You Trust,” is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere surrounded by trustworthy individuals, emphasizing the significance of reliability in healthcare interactions.

We are the trusted advisor for employers who strive for transformative healthcare change. We understand the importance of trust in healthcare decision-making and are committed to ensuring that employers and individuals have confidence in the guidance they receive.

In today’s complex healthcare landscape, PBGH recognizes the significance of having trustworthy individuals advising, delivering, and navigating healthcare. That’s why we strive to be your reliable resource for employers seeking to protect affordable healthcare for their workforce.

As an unbiased, non-profit organization, PBGH is uniquely positioned to provide solutions for HR and benefits professionals and their company’s employees. When you work with the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, you know it will be with People You Trust.

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