Mental Health in the Workplace

Chances are, you have employees that are dealing with a mental health concern in some form or another. They could be feeling extremely depressed or somewhere in between flourishing and depression, also known as languishing.  With the Covid-19 crisis and the pandemic, the numbers have only grown.  However, during our webinar, “Mental Health Triangle,” we learned that 2 out of 5 employees feel their employees are not offering enough mental health support.

We heard from three different organizations who work with companies in the field of mental health These included:

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – urge employers to create a work culture that prioritizes mental health.  They have created a 6-step toolkit for CEO’s that includes a CEO pledge, which promotes mental wellness. 
  • Caregiver Champion – dedicated to making sure the elderly and chronically disabled receive the uppermost care.  They approach healthcare from a holistic, overall wellness viewpoint.  Healthcare needs to include mental, physical, social, and financial aspects for the patient and their families. 
  • Lyra Health – helps you, as an employer, tackle mental health issues with a personalized plan to build a mentally healthy workforce. 

While each group has a different emphasis, there was one main, shared goal.  The stigma associated with mental health needs to go away.  Employers not only need to create an environment where employees feel comfortable to seek help, but they also need to have the knowledge on where their employees can go for mental health support. 

Click here for some highlights from the webinar.

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