Performative Allyship vs True Action

Jessica Brooks, President and CEO of PBGH, recently weighed in on why Pittsburgh has lost more than 7,000 of its Black residents since 2014. Pittsburgh is certainly not the “Most Livable City,” so let’s stop acting like it is. Change needs to happen. And that can start within your business.

“Whether you take the training my organization offers or another one, do it. Get smart about how racism has infected our region. We’re beating the pandemic. Let’s beat this, too. We’ll all be better for doing so,” Brooks said.

The important point to remember is that it cannot be one and done.  You cannot just post a black square or trending hashtag on social media and wait for the change to happen.  This change will take work, dedication, commitment, and awareness, most importantly self-awareness.  Performative allyship must come to an end.  True allyship must commence.  Actions always speak louder than words. 

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