Treat Obesity as a Chronic Disease

On Thursday, May 20th, we hosted our webinar “Thinking Beyond Wellness: Approaching Obesity as A Disease in the Workplace.” Obesity is linked to many comorbidities but is often unreported as a chronic disease. 

Weight management is a lifestyle, there is no immediate cure. 

Therefore, employees should have access to proper channels for proper care. For example, often free coverage could be available for access to a dietitian or nutritionist, but this regularly goes unknown.   

Because there is a stigma associated with obesity, your employees may not seek help.

This narrative needs to change. Obesity can lead to many other health conditions, but with a healthy weight there is a greater chance for a healthier overall life, decreasing the need for future, drastic medical interventions.

The Covid-19 Pandemic was devastating, but it brought to light existing problems within the healthcare system. 

As employers, you have the right to demand better health insurance for your employees, which should include incorporating weight management into the provided healthcare.  Obesity puts you in the at-risk population.  Because of Covid-19, we have seen how important it is to have an overall healthy lifestyle.   And that starts with good health insurance.   

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