Webinar Series w/Roche Pt. 2, Combatting Obesity in Healthcare

Todd Whitthorne from Wondr Health loves this quote from Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan until they are punched in the face.” That was 2020 in a nutshell. Companies needed to pivot to accommodate for the fast changes brought on by covid-19 and the pandemic.

Nancy Stobbe, from Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, also joined us for Part Two of our Population Health Series. Fairway looks at their workforce as a work family. They wanted to be there for them as much as possible during the pandemic. They knew their employees’ total well-being mattered – physical and mental. And Wondr Health helped them meet their goal. Wondr Health believes it is vital for leaders to provide solutions that help employees live a better life.

Most of us are aware that personal health took a hit during the pandemic. Preventable screenings and wellness checks decreased. In fact, experts are expecting a rebound effect with data because these took such a back seat during the last year.

And in the United States, 88% of adults are metabolically compromised, which is when an individual has a combination of 3 or more of these risk factors: high triglycerides, large waist, increased blood pressure, elevated fasting blood glucose, and reduced HDL. New behaviors for sustained weight loss could help change the metabolic factors.

Novo Nordisk reiterated the importance of behavior. Lifestyle changes have more effect over health than quick fixes. Look at obesity as a chronic disease, which requires continuous care. Solutions cannot be a one and done or the results will not be sustainable.

Wondr Health makes it easy to change the behavior.  Their program:

  • Improves health of employees and dependent populations
  • Helps participants look and feel better
  • Doesn’t just focus on weight
    • Focuses on: Behavioral Eating, Physical Activity, Sleep, Resilience , Motivation, Food, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Is an all digital program
  • Is sustainable and can last for life
  • Is a skills based approach that changes behavior rather than eliminating certain foods – Eat your favorite foods!

Fairway saw a drastic change with Wondr Health.  In just 10 weeks with Wondr Health, employees lost a total of 1,383 pound.  This is in comparison to just 4900 pounds over four years with a different program. Proving that lifestyle changes make a big difference.  

Join us for Part 3 of the Population Health Series which will focus on hypertension. Date to be announced.

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